As serving the SFU (Simon Fraser University) campus chaplain for an Asian student group, students, along with church group, bi-annually visited remote coastal villages on the northwest coast. In agreement with the Indigenous sovereignty, our purpose was to play with children, fellowship with the Indigenous community. Indigenous people in the region has long been sidelined... Continue Reading →


Northwest Indigenous community hold the importance of the wellbeing of their youths which is essential to the health of their community. We work along with their community, help their children's program. We are often invited to host Children's summer vacation bible school and kid's club during the summer recess. Berry picking with the children is... Continue Reading →


Toronto • Vancouver • Tacoma Since 1993, EMI focused its ministries on urban inner-city low-income communities and other underprivileged people. After the consistent run (1993-1996) of Saturday Breakfast Club, Sandwich Runs, and Out of the Cold programs in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, our urban ministry expanded to Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1996. Daniel Lee and Julia... Continue Reading →


EMI is a short name for Ekklesia Ministries International. EMI started in Canada as a local, volunteer, Christian, social justice mission movement helping inner-city and Indigenous communities. Later, EMI operated regionally in Canada, the USA, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Cambodia, and the Philippines, as a mission sending agency for Asian-North American volunteer missionaries. Individual mission projects... Continue Reading →

캐나다 원주민지역 선교사 지원 안내

저희 EMI는 캐나다 서부 원주민 지역에서 사역하실 선교사를 모집하고, 현장에서 선교사들의 문화교육, 문화연구과정, 원주민 세계관과 맥락신학을 함께 연구하고 지도하고 현장에서 사역할 수 있도록 도와주고 있습니다. 원주민 문화속에 들어가 헌신할 선교사들의 지원 바랍니다. 사역내용:어린이사역/청소년사역/노인사역/스포츠사역/예배사역/교회개척/문화선교연구 Minimum Requirements Undergraduate degree, or higher in Christian ministry/Biblical studyEnglish Proficiency (TOEFL 500+)Experience in Christian service or missionary workChurch membership Required Documents... Continue Reading →


Do you want to do something like this? The idea is, if you are musician or music band, you can give your summer to the cause of indigenous mission in the Pacific Northwest while also involved in children's ministry or a sports event. Please watch the video below for vivid ideas... Since 1998, EMI organise... Continue Reading →


It is a commendable duty for a sensible citizen to care for the poor, especially for those needing help in the fast-paced capitalistic society. Tacoma Downtown Team Directors - Jim and Jerad Sandwich Run - Student volunteers (Tacoma)