Toronto • Vancouver • Tacoma

Since 1993, EMI focused its ministries on urban inner-city low-income communities and other underprivileged people. After the consistent run (1993-1996) of Saturday Breakfast Club, Sandwich Runs, and Out of the Cold programs in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, our urban ministry expanded to Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1996.

Daniel Lee and Julia Peak who volunteered at the Toronto service sites moved to Vancouver with their jobs after their graduation, organised bible studies and Saturday Breakfast Club in Vancouver (Main and Broadway) in 1996.

At the same period, KCF members at Simon Fraser University (SFU) joined. Many students from the SFU-KCF meeting volunteered at Saturday Breakfast Club. Later, World Vision students at the University of British Columbia (UBC) volunteered in Vancouver urban programs.

EMI’s urban ministry expanded to Tacoma, WA, USA, in 2001 under the leadership of Jim Ogle and Jerad Greenwood. They organised many local student volunteers weekly for Sandwich Runs and Sunday worship service for the downtown community.

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